Sometimes we find ourselves drawn to the mystery of something a little taboo like couple swapping, or role play.

Were you a little curious to explore the unchartered territories with your lover, don't have a lover just like to play a little on the wild side of seduction and satisfaction

Have you been progressively pining for something little different to your usual sexual encounters? 

Or just found an urge to try something a little different?

We can't guarantee that we are too different from you, as we are all here wanting the same thing. 

Closeness, intimacy, connection, thrill, something less your ordinary in your sexual encounters. 

If erotica ignites excitement for you, and you like to explore .

Please we ask that you take this moment to pause and challenge  what  evokes  your arousal.

If any of the above suggestions resonate with you, then we believe that you arrived here by no chance.
We are here to meet the inquisitive couples and curious first-timers, but also we ask that you don't shy away if you are an experienced pair like us.
Couples will love us, however; if you desire to meet individually, we are open to this, but you know what they say the more the merrier and we love to play.

Sexy Service Wishlist

Social Companions

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience


Since we are not all animals sniffing out pheromones and jumping on to every conquest....it's only natural that some of us need a little easing into situations.

Pleasure is as much mental stimulation as it is physical

Sometimes surrendering to our sexual inhibitions right away can be a little too rushed. So a little public flirtation in social settings is the best way to find comfort with us.

Let us take the reigns in our beautiful  town of Sydney or take us around your stomping ground. Show us your city or where you love to play most so we can return the favour.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience


Intimacy. Erotica. Mutual Satisfaction. Long Loving Caressing and Gentle Kisses all over...Are you interested yet?

If these words have spiked your attention then the girlfriend/boyfriend experience is for you.

We love nothing more than to spoil and pamper each other. So know you're in great hands and lets us do this for you

Along with all the pleasantries of being wowed, be sure you will have the two of us all over you.

Be completely in control for your sexy wish list and let us cater to all your desires .

Social & Intimate

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience

Wine dine and 69 with us

Anthony Rufus Elite Male Companion

Because the best moments shared are those that escalate from friendships.

Let's get to know each other at a coffee shop, cocktail bar or public domain  of your choice.

Enjoy the colourful social vibe. Become confident in you decision to be intimate  with us during our moments sharing in conversation, dance and drinks.

Flirtatiously adjust from social to intimate in your own time. 

Wine dine and 69 with us

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted

Wine dine and 69 with us


Dinner, Drinks, and playful chat amongst each other can sometimes be the foreplay required for us to take things to the next level.

A little time together to share delicacies, tease and taunt each other over the nights intended antics wth each other. 

Not only sharing dinner, but sharing each other. Let us indulge in good food before you have the two of us for dessert. We are certain were the right amount of sweet and savoury for every pallet.

Bi - Curious Experience FFM

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted


Sometimes we women have a little curiosity to contend with and in every day life you could try tinder, blender, mixer bumble and all the other dating apps. We pride ourselves ob standing out from the rest. You never know what you will get entering  unplanned situations or joining couples for the first time.

Let us remove the hassle of trying to join the right couple by providing a safe and genuine experience without all the hard work.

We are here for a guaranteed FFM threesome experience. To match your level of comfort, I myself (Anthony) am to happy to watch, direct or be involved.

I myself (Leah) I am polymers. I love love. there is no label, physical or social status that can define my type of woman. The essence of a person and passion shared is the vibe I aspire to be intimate with.

Lets share a little on the phone then become completely uninhibited when in person.

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted

Explicit MMF, not for the faint hearted


For the guys guy, wanting to check off the bucket list or chase the feeling of sharing a beautiful woman.

Lose yourself in all  sexual activities - let your imagination run free from mild to wild.

We do have a few set  boundaries, I myself (Anthony)) am very comfortable in my sexuality as a heterosexual,  Please accept that we mention this in complete transparency  to avoid disappointment. 

All male on male service requests will not be accepted in this service. As for the rest. We are happy to accomodate. 

Myself (Leah)  I am  very versatile and flexible, I have been told that I am  quite the little doll. I do adore being the centre of attention.

Im happy to play switch  giving in to carnal needs & wants. 

Together, we will be how you want us to be. take charge yourself or let us direct, its your experience we are just happy to be involved.


May we be your Muse

Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies

Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies


Here we are to be your muse, should you wish to watch, Be the voter, director of your live perverse show.

Take this to the next level, capture us for your own viewing pleasure, 

Snap up a few images,  as though you are a professional photographer.

Film us and keep us for ever for your own personal discretion.

If you wish to take a peek at some of our own selfies and professional images and short movies visit Leah only fans page.

See the link here;


Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies

Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies

Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies


Here to play, the experience is for you to design the fantasy.

May we be the prop to your perversion, muse for your amusement, dare devil in your dreams to devour your every decadent desire.

Have you been wanting more......this is where we build your bespoke be all and everything more.

Role Play



Multiple partners,

Playrooms and costume play .

Take a trip into your fantasy world design your personalised playdate, we are waiting to hear your every detail.

Erotic Expedition/Fly Us To You

Voyeur, Cuckold, Fetish, Kink & Orgies

Erotic Expedition/Fly Us To You


Our latest most Lux adventure for sexual explorations includes 

Luxury motor yacht cruising

5 star Hotel stays


Exotic Location 

Exclusive invites to join you at your next exotic adventure.

We realise sometimes these options seem like a dream when in reality they do take a little planing.

Anthony and Leah are both eager and excited to make this a breeze for you,  So be detailed in your email.


All details are confidential, unless your kink is that you want to be exposed, arrange your​ own role-play kink or social escort. Connect direct we are 100% independently managed and respond personally to each enquiry.